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How Optimize Consulting Transformed Libertas Institute's Donor Base

From 500 donors to a thriving force of 5,000+, Libertas Institute's partnership with Optimize Consulting reshaped their donor base and major gift pipeline. 

Employing strategic narratives and long-term tactics, Optimize Consulting redefined fundraising via digital. Beyond one-time donations, the focus extended to upsells, automation, and email campaigns for recurring gifts and upgrades.

LibertasOptimize Consulting streamlined operations via intense onboarding workshops and utilizing HubSpot as an all-in-one Development, Marketing, and CRM platform, with mapped development processes and enhanced email campaigns.

Dynamic pipelines were streamlined for efficiency, with changes recommended every 90 days. Donor acquisition, wealth screening via WealthEngine, and workflow creation were pivotal in attracting and retaining supporters.

In summary, Libertas Institute and Optimize Consulting exemplify how a unique partnership can drive transformative donor growth. For a deep dive into the Libertas' success story, download the case study and amplify your organization's fundraising impact.