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Direct Ask Acquisition Case Study: What Libertas Institute’s Journey from 2020 to 2024 Can Teach Organizations About Donor Acquisition vs. Email Acquisition

In the dynamic landscape of nonprofit fundraising, effective donor acquisition strategies are essential for sustaining and growing an organization's mission. The Libertas Institute, an organization dedicated to advancing the cause of individual liberty through education and advocacy, faced this challenge head-on from 2020 to 2024. This case study delves into their innovative approach to donor acquisition and the lessons learned from their journey.

The Challenge: Donor vs. Email Acquisition

Traditionally, many organizations have relied on a gradual approach to donor acquisition. This involves capturing contact data through resource offerings and then nurturing potential donors through a series of email marketing efforts before making a solicitation. While this method has its merits, the Libertas' journey is a real-life test of a more direct route: Direct Ask Digital Donor Acquisition. This approach involves immediate solicitation of donations through targeted digital advertising or email campaigns.

The Efficiency of Direct Ask Acquisition

Why opt for a direct ask in digital donor acquisition? The answer lies in its efficiency. Our study of the Libertas Institute’s results since November 2020 demonstrates that direct ask donor acquisition is 3-5 times more efficient than traditional methods. By directly targeting potential donors and making a clear, immediate appeal for contributions, the Libertas Institute streamlined the acquisition process, reducing the time and resources typically required to convert interested individuals into committed donors.


Key Findings from the Case Study

The case study highlights several significant results achieved by the Libertas Institute through their direct ask strategy:

  • Lower Cost Per Donor: Direct solicitation led was able to generate new donors for just 20-30% of the cost of email acquisition funnels.
  • Increased Volume: Direct Ask Acquisition was able to generate nearly 2x the volume of donors with significantly less investment compared to Email Acquisition.

The traditional donor marketing funnel used for comparison begins with offering valuable resources to capture contact data. This is followed by a gradual process of relationship building through email marketing before any solicitation takes place. While this method can be effective in building a strong foundation of trust and engagement, it often requires a longer time frame and more resources to convert potential donors into actual supporters.

In contrast, the direct ask approach leverages immediate solicitation, which has proven to be more efficient in terms of time and cost. However, it’s important to note that both methods ultimately aim to foster enduring connections with donors, highlighting the importance of ongoing relationship nurturing regardless of the initial acquisition strategy.

2024 Results


What You Can Do!

The Libertas Institute's journey from 2020 to 2024 offers valuable insights into the efficacy of direct ask digital donor acquisition. By prioritizing immediate solicitation and leveraging targeted digital campaigns, organizations can achieve more efficient and cost-effective donor acquisition.

For a deeper dive into the strategies and results of the Libertas Institute's innovative approach, we invite you to download the full case study. Discover how your organization can apply these lessons to enhance your donor acquisition efforts and build lasting relationships with supporters.

Download the case study now to unlock exclusive insights and actionable strategies for your nonprofit’s success!